6.5.6 Doors

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Door Name
Applicability All doors, optional input
Definition A unique name or code that relates the door to the design documents submitted. Doors that are more than 50% glass are treated as windows and must be entered by the user using the windows building descriptors.
Units Text, unique
Input Restrictions None
Baseline Rules None
Door Type
Applicability All doors, required input
Definition The baseline standards classify doors as either: swinging or non-swinging. Non-swinging are generally roll-up doors. The prescriptive U-factor requirements depend on the door type so this input affects the baseline building criteria. The door types are described in greater detail in the baseline standards and the associated User's Manuals. This building descriptor may be derived from other building descriptors, in which case a specific input is not necessary.
Units List: swinging or non-swinging
Input Restrictions The door type shall be consistent with the type of door represented on the construction documents or as-built drawings.
Baseline Rules The baseline building door type shall be the same as the proposed design.
Door Geometry
Applicability All doors
Definition Door geometry defines the position and dimensions of the door surface relative to its parent wall surface. The azimuth and tilt (if any) of the door is inherited from the parent surface. The position of the door within the parent surface is specified through X,Y coordinates. The size is specified as a height and width (all doors are generally assumed to be rectangular in shape). The details of how the geometry of doors is specified may vary for each energy simulation program.
Units Data structure: opening
Input Restrictions No restrictions, other than that the inputs shall agree with the construction documents or as-built drawings.
Baseline Rules Door geometry in the baseline building is identical to the proposed design.
Door U-factor
Applicability All doors
Definition The thermal transmittance of the door, including the frame.
Units Btu/h•ft•°F
Input Restrictions Door U-factors shall be taken from the default values in Appendix A of ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2001 or ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007, or shall be obtained from NFRC test procedures.
Baseline Rules The door U-factor in the baseline building depends on the baseline standard, the climate zone and the type of door (swinging or non-swinging). Use values from Table 6.5.6-1.

Table 6.5.6-1: "Baseline Building U-factor Criteria for Doors"

Applicable Standard Swinging or
Climate Zone Space Category
Nonresidential Residential Semi-Heated
ASHRAE Standard
90.1 - 2001
Swinging 1- 5 0.700 0.700 0.700
6, 7 0.700 0.500 0.700
8 0.500 0.500 0.700
Non-swinging 1, 2 1.450 1.450 1.450
3- 5 1.450 0.500 1.450
6- 8 0.500 0.500 1.450
ASHRAE Standard
90.1 - 2007
Swinging 1- 4 0.700 0.700 0.700
5, 6 0.700 0.500 0.700
7, 8 0.500 0.500 0.700
Non-swinging 1 1.450 1.450 1.450
2, 3 1.450 0.500 1.450
4 1.500 0.500 1.450
5- 7 0.500 0.500 1.450